Key Lock – lets you lock the scanner’s keys to help prevent accidental changes to the scanner’s programming. Trending Ditching the Dish: Apply a one-time routine to convert the memory image of existing channels to the new format required by the narrowbanding change. The radio is incredibly sensitive for a portable, but lacks the ability to scan. Uniden Scanner Programming Software available from Uniden as a free download. Quick Search – allows you to enter a frequency and start searching up or down from that frequency. It will be perfect in some circumstances.

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B125at feature turns off RF power for 1 second and turns on it for ms to extend the battery life. Instead, I use my Uniden bc125at Eight Cell Smart Charger, uniden bc125at individually peaks each cell and offers fast, soft and conditioning charge modes to maximize battery life. Paulo Rossi from Maringa, Parana Brazil.

His passion for all things science and nature uniden bc125at what led him to found localmeridian. Change the opening screen to include the current firmware version.

Uniden Bearcat BCAT Scanner Review

Facebook Twitter Flickr Instagram. He was a Vice President at a major telescope uniden bc125at, where he was directly involved in product development and testing for much of uniden bc125at 15 year tenure. July 30, 0. Quick Search bc125xt allows you to enter a frequency and start searching up or down from that frequency.


August 20, 7. So I would conclude that perhaps ft or less uniden bc125at should consider the rubber duck and beyond that the Diamond would excel.

The in-radio charge time must uniden bc125at selected based on the battery capacity. Uniden Scanner Programming Software available from Uniden as a free download.

I use Panasonic Eneloop is most of my devices, including my high-drain photographic flashes. Entering frequencies manually is a tedious process, especially if you use long alpha-tags.

Download Firmware Update 1. uniden bc125at

Uniden Bearcat BC125AT Scanner Review

Many user reviews across the internet laude the Bearcat for its quick scanning, sensitivity uniden bc125at easy to program software, but criticize its rather anemic uniden bc125at antenna. The internal battery charger may be adequate, but battery charging for peak performance and maximum life should be done in a dedicated uniden bc125at charger.

Weather priority and weather alert will also keep you informed as to unoden latest weather and other uniden bc125at as announced by the National Weather Service. Or, you can connect unkden external antenna for better reception. Search Lockouts – you can lock up to search frequencies: Close Call Close Call RF Capture Technology – you can set the scanner so it detects and provides information about nearby radio transmissions Close Call Do-Not-Disturb – checks for Close Call activity in between hc125at reception so active channels are not interrupted.


It will be perfect in some circumstances. Much of law enforcement and fire frequencies in Orange County are either encrypted or uniden bc125at digital bc125ay networks, neither of which I cared about, so an analog system was fine with me.

Chris Morrison Website Chris is an avid amateur astronomer, birder, photographer and general nature and science nut. Plus, Uniden has extended the Do-Not-Disturb functionality to include Priority channels, so annoying interruptions from priority or Uniden bc125at Call checks is a thing of the past.

Temporary Lockout uniden bc125at makes it easy to temporarily lock out any channel or frequency. Sensitivity at my 8. Apply a one-time routine to convert the memory image of uniden bc125at channels to the new format unoden by the narrowbanding change. Of course, I can use liveATC.

Triple-Conversion Circuitry – virtually eliminates any interference from IF intermediate frequency images, so you hear only the selected frequency. In fact, this is the far easier way to program. Trending Ditching the Dish: Do-Not Disturb keeps the scanner from interrupting transmissions during receiving. Each character must be input one at a time.

Begin typing your search above and press enter to search. Press ESC to cancel.

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