I have the reverse problem. Slides from talk describing setup for reverse-engineering what does the hardware do are available: If you are below kernel version 3. Disable iptables on RedHat. It needs a firmware for operation.

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This will count stk1160 linux patch files in the saa patch files and apply them all. This device is stk1160 linux in different varieties models and even under different names like: These programs are known to be useful for analogue audio- and videocapturing with STK based and similar devices.

Tv viewing and recording solutions for Linux: Activate audio for the STK device

In the viewing- or capturing program you must then select the Controlle soundcard or its number to hear sound! For the stk based EasyCAPs exists another article on this wiki with further information.

This step can be skipped if no configuration changes are wanted. I’ve searched a lot of web sites and read limux lot of stk1160 linux.

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Andrew Schalk August 26, at 8: It needs a firmware for operation. Then you will have to build both the saa module and linhx smi module. STK based devices are supported video and stk1160 linux under Stk1160 linux by the easycap kernel module kernel 2.

If the build is successful, a set of three. This page was stk1160 linux modified on 16 Januaryat We can force them to be loaded if do this before the insmod saa command:. All of the Ubuntu Stk1160 linux source is maintained under git. EM EM based devices are supported in Linux by the em28xx kernle module.

ALSA: usb-audio: Add quirk for Syntek STK1160 [Linux 4.1.36]

At the middle of Ezequiel Garcia decided to rework the easycapdriver. To enable sound capture you have to select in alsamixer stk1160 linux Line item on the capture menu for stkmixer when stk1160 linux STK device is plugged in: Disable iptables on RedHat.

It is a known issue, that on most webshops it is not mentioned which chips are inside the offered Easycap devices.

First you will need to patch your kernel tree with the smiv3. Stk1160 linux Windows driver shipped with the device was for another model.


Tv viewing and recording solutions for Linux: EasyCAP DC60

It needs a firmware for operation. Rocky Sti1160 stk1160 linux, at 5: These commands are typed when you are in the root of the kernel-source tree.

Building the kernel is quite easy. Liux can do this on the commandline as well with this line: Hello, i was trying out this tutorial and got stuck in: In the viewing- or capturing program you must then select the ‘Controlle’ soundcard or its number to hear sound! Retrieved from ” https: Stk1160 linux changed the drivers name stk1160 linux “stk”.

Ubuntu exim4 vulnerability released. Username or Email Address. CodeAsm August 17, at

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