I want to install a gb Harddrive purely for more space. Before I buy a new one, is there anything to be done? It seems like imscrewed…. The laptop shuts off like the power button was pushed. New hdd and more ram.

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He said that he cleaned sony vaio pcg-grt995mp the lid contactor? I can put that in. Does someone here have experiences with this? Thanks for any help. Are you sure that your laptop came with a SATA drive? Came apart with no problems. I tried to reinsert the main flat cable in the LCD back area, and I noticed another small flat cable in the LCD circuit, but too thin and I really became afraid of trying sony vaio pcg-grt995mp move it as appears to be hard fixed in place.

After you get them out, you have to separate the CPU from the heatsink.

Will it run fine in VGA mode? Replaced keyboard and everything works perfectly. I have tried this, and the heatsink still feels pretty connected. But anyway our web store may be particularly interesting for an end user sony vaio pcg-grt995mp home pch-grt995mp as well.

I have now replaced it and the computer starts up and works fine except for the video.

After finishing my earlier post I vio a closer look at the laptop screws and solved my problem: I know its not in the hinges as you stated, and could be the backlight inverter, but kinda want sony vaio pcg-grt995mp start with the basics first. Looks like a stuck ; key. Shwan Bosen, I have a PCG-K33 and I have sony vaio pcg-grt995mp the same problem with opening the screen up and you see everything there, but no backlight.

This compound suppose to be a good one. Many Thanks Duncan Brown. But if disconnecting from the mother board use the small end of a small paperclip opened pcg-grt995mo as a hook to lift the tab on the connector enabling removal of the ribbon cable.


How to disassemble Sony Vaio PCG-K

I have dony laptop model pcg-3G5L When its displaying it shows Small lines on the botom sreen. Now start adding devices and plug in cables one by one and test the laptop after each step.

DVD player has power can be heard when PC is turned on and will accept discswireless button shows power when turned on, HDD seems to spin up. This guide was awesome! I recently restarted pcg-grt995mp began to use it but have determined that the DVD drive is bad.

I just wanted to thank sony vaio pcg-grt995mp for the great instructions here on replacing the power jack. Sometimes when I switch on the the fan starts and then I hear the disc start and then the disc stops but the sony vaio pcg-grt995mp keeps going. Currently my problem is that my sony vaio pcg k25 laptop sony vaio pcg-grt995mp is running when I turn it on I can here it but the monitor is blank, resembling a laptop not turned on.

I have tried that siny, it only reports MB of the MB on each module. Sony vaio pcg-grt995mp followed this guide as my sony vaio pcg-grt995mp was overheated and full of dust. In order to start any laptop with video, you need only three parts: Do you know which lug the red and black wire goes ;cg-grt995mp.

I replaced the power jack and cable on a PCG-K45 today, and without your help, it literally would not have been possible. Enter the BIOS setup menu and try loading default settings. Vvaio a problem, after putting it back together the slny get powered up for only 1 second and then shuts down. Ok, here is my problem.

Check if the memory module is seated correctly. Try reseating RAM modules and test the laptop sony vaio pcg-grt995mp. Usually the laptop starts OK and then shuts down after a few minutes and very occaisionally will stay on for a few hous before shutting down-when this happens the fan stops and the sohy light goes out.

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Maybe the hard drive is sony vaio pcg-grt995mp bad. Also it will run well on battery until it dies but if I plug the AC adapter in while it is running it will inexplicably shut down as though it lost all battery power.

How to disassemble Sony Vaio PCG-K – Inside my laptop

My computer display does not stay lit. I got some troubles with the screen. Any pointers on this step would be greatly appreciated. Did you try reconnecting memory modules? Where Sony vaio pcg-grt995mp can found the cable that connect the the keyboard bezel to the motherboard.

Why did I need to detach the ribbon keyboard bezel in order to remove the keyboard? The machine will not run on battery it is sony vaio pcg-grt995mp dead. Ok after taking it apart and putting it back together I now have life within the beast. Once in windows I disabled the slot in device manager and it seemed to work OK — obviously the slot does not work.

First, no surprise that my K37 performance have become progressivly poor sony vaio pcg-grt995mp has been oporating VERY hot. Did you try to change cpu with another more powerful but of the same specification? Instead of unsoldering the wire to the jack…I just ripped it out of the old jack.

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