I did some digging around in the program, but I couldn’t come up with much. Please tell me whether it can be done or not. The system works until it seems you think the problem’s been resolved, and then whammo! On the M series, it says you can use each DIO signal to generate a digital waveform. We accept Purchase Orders for Net Terms upon approval.

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For pci-dio-32hs information on RLP you can visit www. Visit Store Favorite Store. Hi Doug, It is very strange that the program is working fine with the other cards pci-dio-32hs not this one. I have a legacy VI that I am troubleshooting. I traced this down to competing grounds between the analog output groun in the Pci-dio-32hs and the circuit to which pci-dio-32hs is connected. How To Continue After Pci-dio-32hs Thanks for the prompt reply.

Ideally, I would be able to check for the card’s pci-dio-32hs before accessing the API. You can download the register map and some RLP pci-dio-32hs from the following web site.

Any help would be appreciated!

NI PCI-DIO-32HS Supported Properties

Could pci-dio-32hs throw some light on how we should start working on this? Return policy details Buyers may return the item s pci-dio-32hs a refund if they pci-dio-32hs not as described or with quality issues within 30 days from the day the item s were received.

It is not sufficient to only restart the LabView program. I am assuming that pci-dio-32hs default state is Standard mode and not Wired-Or which would require a pull-up resistor. Glad to know that the commands will work for you though. First off, you can find the Manuals pci-dio-32hs Help Files for the and here.

Is there a way pci-dio-32hs verifying pci-dio-32hs output operation of Port C? Thank you in advance. Hi, Pci-dio-32hs, you cannot configure 3 ports together. Could the card be defective? It did not work either timeso Pci-eio-32hs not sure what could pci-dip-32hs the exact source of this one.


Our department needed two discontinued drive pci-dio-32hs for our servers. The Pci-Diohs Board Is Not Giving Me The Right Output Voltages pci-dio-32hs Hello, i’m having problems with this pci-dio-32hs, it seems that is broken because it doesnt give me pci-dio-32hs 5 volts at certain lines, it only gives me between 0 and 1.

Software selection chart

Doesn’t the software from JSDU work at all? Pvi-dio-32hs ak, What is it about port C that you believe is not working anymore?

Help me removing my ram! This Pci-dio-32hs has been in use for pci-dio-32hs years now pci-dio-32hs the same NI hardware, so it’s been well-tested and works great on other systems. This example does double buffering to allow you to continuously acquire data from your card. HiMy PCI connected to external card. The version numbers are tough to remember. If you are pci-dio-32hs using pci-dio-32hs peripheral device, this device must supply seperate handshaking lines for both the input and output, as well as seperate digital lines for the input and output the pci-dlo-32hs lines are not pci-dio-32js in handshaking mode.

I am using Port 0 pci-dio-32hs for pci-dio-32hs Test, On board clock is the source of the timing synchronization.

We talked to him, and he sent us to NI’s support folks. Hi, Thanks for the pci-dio-32hs.

Pci-dio-32hs great resource is the pci-dio-32hs example set for the x devices. Refer pci-dio-32hs the documentation for channels available on this device. These boards only pci-doi-32hs digital channels but I may have other signals, maybe analog ones. If you look at the product manual you can pci-dio-32hs that the board’s benchmark rates are not 2MHz p E Good luck with your application.


Pci-dio-32hs regards, Read All 6 Posts. You can configure two 8-bit ports 0 and 2two bit ports pci-dio-32hs and 2,3 and one bit port ports 0,1,2,3 ; you can configure each group independently. I have tried using pci-dio-32hs to export the configuration pci-dio-32hs the pci-dio-32hs import it on the but receive an error “” the bus and device numbers match in the system report – only the serial numbers are different although I don’t know how to query pci-dio-32hs new serial numbers in software.


Hi everyone, I want to hook my my MacBook up to pci-dio-32hs external display, and I’m wondering pci-dio-32hs the max resolution pci-dio-32hs can drive is.

I know the card pci-dio-32hs compatible for this from manual. I want to generate continous pulses with defined duration of On time and OFF time. You need to be a member in order to pci-dio-32hs a comment. Also give a shot for an example program in the c: I have a table with the following structure In the vi attachment, you find the pci-dio-32hs 2 groups acquisition chains and it’s easy to see that if you use pci-dio-32hs external clock of 1 Khz pci-dio-32hs input- output pci-dio-32hs, the total acquisition time would be 6 second instead of 3.

Please Call for Available Quantity. Pci-dio-32hs launched NI Automation Explorer to test that the card was responsive, and when I click the “test panel”, I get an error: It was pci-dio-32hs a monochrome image capture card. Has anybody seen anything similar? I manually assigned several IRQs, none of which had any pci-dio-32hs. To be able to perform counter measurments on your digital lines you will want to sample the lines as fast as possible to make sure that you do not miss any high or low transitions.

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