This version added support for automatic video mode detection and selection, monitor hot plug, dynamic extended and merged desktops and per-monitor screen rotation. Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. Therefore, the chip is noticable faster than the older one especially in 3DMark Chaos Theory or Oblivion need Pixel Shader 2. Archived from the original on Extraction Point , where it was able to render only 4 and 14 frames per second respectively for each game. Quake 3 Arena – Timedemo

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Intel HD Graphics 4400 vs Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) 4500MHD

Created at Sat, 29 Dec This series targets the market of low-cost graphics solutions. However, due to the scalar nature of the execution units, 4500mbd can only process data on a single pixel component at a time. It features 80 shading units, 10 texture mapping units and 1 ROPs. The Direct Rendering Manager and X.

The chip has no dedicated graphics memory, but takes dynamically an amount from the main memory up to MB. Features include screen tiling, internal true color processing, zero overhead anti-aliasing, programmable shader 3D accelerator, and bit floating-point operations.


We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. Archived from the original on November 26, The products in this series are integrated onto the motherboard, have limited graphics processing power, and use the computer’s main memory for storage instead of a dedicated video memory. Cinebench R15 – Ref.

Dead Accelerrator 3 For detailled information on the benchmark results, click on the fps number.

Resident Evil 5 Support is present in an experimental way for Some older games like Fear can be played in low details and low resolutions see ” Gaming Performance ” below. Cinebench R10 – Shading 32Bit. Mass Effect 3 They are commonly found on netbookslow-priced laptops and desktop computersas well as business 4500mbd which do not need high levels of graphics capability.

It is based more directly on the previous generation GMA accelsrator GMA graphics, and belonging to the same “i” family with them. It is a 4 pixel per clock cycle design supporting DirectX 9 pixel shader model 2.

Bad Company 2 Quake 3 Arena – Timedemo You can select more than one device.

The processor uses different separate clock generators for display and render cores. So the results don’t have to be representative for all laptops with this GPU.


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Archived from the original PDF on This version added support for automatic video mode detection and selection, monitor hot plug, dynamic extended and merged desktops and per-monitor screen rotation. Each pipeline can process video, vertex, or texture operations. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Dead Space 3 Cinebench R10 – Shading 32Bit.

Crysis – GPU Benchmark The processor consists of different clock domains, meaning that the entire chip does not operate the same clock speed. Archived from the original on

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