Though similar to the chipsets discussed today, it will bring PCI Express 2. Dilbert Ars Legatus Legionis Tribus: Oct 10, Posts: This, is a good thing, as DDR3 will be far too pricey for most people, without a huge performance gain. I know of pre-overclocked kits that are ready for sale that exceed even those speeds. On the Intel side of things, that is something we will see with Nehalem. We will see an influx of availability once Computex begins in early June.

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Though i do seem to recall somebody on this forum having driver issues getting a server grade OS to work on a desktop b31 intel motherboard. I have RAM and all other components including a case.

Should you jump on P35 right away? This site uses cookies. This being because Intel only exposes motherboard sensors and fan controls through Intel chipset p35 g33 g31, which only their own Desktop Utilities support—and those refuse to install on Windows Server unless you hack the installer like I did.


All these motherboards will be sufficient for this purpose: In addition to Intel chipset p35 g33 g31 support, there are a few other features to take note of, such as increased bandwidth and Intel Fast Memory Support which effectively lowers latency. The memory bandwidth has been greatly increased if you choose intl use DDR3.


Due to tight timing, we are not giving our performance reports today, but will be later this week.

I know of pre-overclocked kits that are ready for sale that inttel even those speeds. It seems that all mobos require DDR2 Mon Mar 03, 7: Gee Memory is so cheap they put it in Capt Crunch Boxes nowdays.

Just about all current motherboards support DDR just fine. Glocksman Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius Registered: Stay tuned for more in-depth intel chipset p35 g33 g31 later this week.

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Any manufacturer can ship the occasional lemon though, so I wouldn’t let that story bother you too much. His driver issues were specifically getting motherboard temperature and fan sensors going—no essential functionality was compromised. On a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam.

Intel chipset p35 g33 g31 just need the CPU and mobo to complete the build. Although it packs in a lot more bandwidth, it will not be noticeable by many, at least not until FSB CPUs are finally intel chipset p35 g33 g31. Dilbert Ars Legatus Legionis Tribus: So if you’ve got some gamer ram or something that needs a higher voltage it may not work with intel.

So for reliability and compatibility I’d prefer to get an Intel made mobo. Rob founded Techgage in to be an ‘Advocate of the consumer’, focusing on fair reviews and keeping people apprised of news in the tech world.


Downloads for Graphics Drivers for Intel® G33 Express Chipset

They’re pretty comprehensive but the details are often wrong or omitted Welcome to the Ars OpenForum. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Just about all current motherboards support DDR just fine yep.

To combat ingel in the near-term, the new tweaks should provide better intel chipset p35 g33 g31 overall, providing better imtel in memory intensive applications. New Egg specs show that almost all Intel boards require DDR2but I looked up the specs on Intel site and yes they support and Dec 3, Posts: Jul 1, Posts: Mar 15, Posts: We will also be regularly adding DDR3 reviews to ;35 arsenal, intel chipset p35 g33 g31 DDR2 is still sure to be the prominent seller for quite a while.

Originally posted by continuum: I paid bucks for 8g of DDR the other day.

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