Today E-TEN brings to market the glofiish M, a full-featured communications device optimized for rapid messaging and high mobile productivity. FM radio station numbers are off again, at least in the US. About PhonesData PhonesData is the Web site where you can find information about the full technical specifications of all smartphones. Has LED flash and self portrait mirror. PhonesData is the Web site where you can find information about the full technical specifications of all smartphones.

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The M looks like your average reasonably compact Pocket PC phone with glofiish m700 2. The Glofiish M is scheduled to launch in November Teclast F7 Glofiish m700 8. The camera lens, flash and self portrait mirror are on the PDA’s back, with the speakerphone grill just to their right.

Quad glofiiah GSM phone: WiFi performs well, Bluetooth is good, though profile selection is slim compared to some recent Pocket PC phones. E-TEN glofiish m700 not get a huge amount of publicity in the UK, partly because its devices glofiish m700 only available SIM-free and therefore without network operator subsidy. The phone has the standard 64 megs of RAM used like RAM in your computer with just under 32 megs free just after boot.

Design, Ergonomics and Keyboard But lets start with the important difference: You’ll notice similarity in our reviews glofiish m700 these two devices since they are glofiish m700 many ways identical. Your first guess is that the GPS itself is not working well, but that’s not the case.

In file transfer tests, speeds averaged 90k which is more like straight Bluetooth 2.


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Glofiish m700 very small Windows Mobile softkeys flank the keyboard we’d glofiish m700 them to be largerand the keyboard has dedicated Windows Start Menu and OK keys.

The camera offers a wizard option which allows you to glofiish m700 do a variety glofiish m700 things with an image you’ve just taken: The glofiish M is set apart from traditional Pocket PC Phones, which rely on a touch screen and stylus for data input, by giving users the ability to enter contact details, write SMS text and E-Mail messages, or create and edit office documents while on the move more efficiently using a full-key QWERTY keyboard.

There’s also a profile manager and switcher called Scenarios.

The touch glofiish m700 works in both portrait and landscape modes screen rotation is a standard feature of Windows Mobile SE and newerand the smartphone comes with a telescoping stylus. Amazon Fire TV Cube 8.

The glofiish m700 bad is embedded in the keyboard, and is a darker shade of gray to make them easier to find glofiish m700. As with the X, we found ourselves constantly accidentally activating voice command since the button is easy to press and is right where you grasp the device to pick it up. Glofiiah example, there are several applications for managing and manipulating images.

We moderate use we got more than two days on a charge, and that included talking on the phone 40 minutes per day, surfing via EDGE for 30 minutes, using WiFi for 30 minutes, accessing PIM apps, listening to Glofiish m700 with the screen off and more each day. Eten glofiish M glofiish m700 smartphone from year with weight of grams and size glofiish m700 The camera app offers a wealth of settings, including white balance, special effects, timer and continuous shooting of photos though the self-timer and continuous shot features were disabled on our production unit.

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Eten glofiish M700 Specs, review, opinions, comparisons

The M’s GPS has impressive reception– in fact remarkable given the internal antenna. The top and glofiish m700 slide away from each other along the long left edge to reveal a keyboard. Owl Glofiish m700 Meeting Owl 8.

Not responsible for incorrect entered information. Built in speaker, mic g,ofiish 2.

Eten glofiish M specs, review, release date – PhonesData

An x appears next to a radio that’s turned off, and you can tap the ubiquitous E-TEN hammer to turn all radios on or off. If you want to glofijsh you tell us your email: As always, we really like E-TEN’s custom suite of applications: We had to fiddle with COM ports when using Virtual Earth Mobile until the application was happy COM port agreement alone doesn’t guarantee glofiish m700 will work, we had to find a port that suited glofiih application, reminding us of the glofiish m700 days of DOS and Windows 3.

This Week’s Top Stories. With the keyboard out of sight you’re left with the touch-screen and the buttons surrounding the screen and on the sides of glofiish m700 device.

You’ll need to have the headphones plugged in to use the glofiish m700, as these incorporate the FM antenna.

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