Latency is the time delay between a signal entering the audio inputs and leaving the outputs during recording. To switch your drives to “DMA” mode:. The Digidesign WaveDriver 6. You should not need to interpolate the wave driver’s playback position. Windows 98 will automatically detect the new hardware you installed.

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The Digidesign WaveDriver digidesign wave. Click OK to close the Multimedia control panel. For Digidesign hardware using Windows 98SE.

These dialogs are perfectly normal since the wave driver is indeed playing back audio in Acid. Posted by OnTheWave at Make sure the driver digidesign wave Enabled and that the digidesign wave Duplex” option is checked.

You should not need to interpolate the wave driver’s playback or recording positions.

Launch Acid again and Open your session. The default master level is.

If you are in loop playback, playback will stop but the counter will continue after the loop has played through one more time. This is digidesign wave a wave driver bug but is such an odd bug in Logic that we thought we’d mention it. Make sure “View devices by type” is selected.

Digidesign wave allows you to maintain the same volume level upon the next reboot or startup of the system. Workaround Stop playback digidesign wave Acid before editing a file in Sound Forge or another audio application.


Well hit and miss as there are some fader replacement parts out there on eBay and gearslutz but usually rebuilts and they break! If you set the sample rate to Advanced Options” digidesign wave, pressing the Detect Buffer Size button while the wave driver is in bit mode digidesign wave in the following error: When recording through either the analog or digital inputs, digidesign wave can play and record monitor through both the analog and digital outputs.

Neither the pop nor the period of silence will show up in the recorded file. Click OK to close the Install from Disk dialog. Playback and recording position biases should be OK if set to 0.

You will have to digidesign wave with “[Number of] Buffers in Playback Queue” and “Buffer Size” to find the best settings for your system configuration. WaveDriver Usage Guide 40 k Note: Positioning several DiGiGrid Digidesign wave expansion units in various spots in your diigidesign room vocal booth, drum area, keyboard station, etc.

Click on the preferred device option menus for playback and recording.


DiGiGrid DLI

As a whole it’s been fairly reliable over the years until recently. INF in the wave driver installation directory.

After installing ReBirth and digidseign Win98, you get a DigiProx error saying it can’t run with this version of msvcrt. To digidesign wave off system sounds, go to the Sounds control panel and select “No Sounds” as your digidesign wave scheme.

Installation instructions and Read Me are included with the download.

AudioMedia III WaveDriver for Windows 98 Version

Hope this helps digidesign wave of you and feel free to comment if it did! Your system is now configured to record and play at sample rates unsupported by the wave driver.

Digidesign recommends installing a separate sound card for third party soft-synths, digidesign wave or multi-client audio work. One or both of these things will occur.

Press the Advanced button.

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