December 23, at 8: It has failed 3 times now. December 23, at 2: While replacing the Graphic Card, the new Bios runs the fan much faster and noisier — resulting in battery life of around 30 minutes for a machine which is 16 months old. Dell are off my list of suppliers now. April 23, at 8: Flea2k Ars Tribunus Militum Registered:

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There are two D series docking stations. May 18, at 2: Feb 27, Posts: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

I have c630 the excessive heat that these units generate. After that we need to remove the screen assembly. I used to have a PC in my living room and would watch movies from it or even stream some tv shows in poor quality but that pc is gone but from time to dell latitude d630 vga I want to hook my laptop up, eventually I would like to save up for a new media pc that accepts cable cards so I can just have that hooked up and get rid of my cable box but that budget is nowhere in the near future.

If you cannot repair it with a rework, then you need to take your laptop dell latitude d630 vga a rebolling. Much I paid to be prime shipped i do believe overnight.


DELL Latitude D630 double image VGA problem

July 30, at 2: Everytime the card fails when I dell latitude d630 vga teh bottom of the laptop it is too hot to touch. I am have that problem as well, now m fixing it! No, you virually have to take it all apart to get the fan out.

Who can be ignore this and let the defect product Disease flow onto ebay? June 5, at 4: Has this happened to anyone else.

DELL Latitude D double image VGA problem |

August 2, at 4: Then a blue screen flashed, said hardware failure contact hardware manufacturer. I assume latitdue will happen again. So I have to shipback the item to the seller.

Just found this, do you think it is worth a crap? September 4, at 8: I agree that Dell should have publicly recalled all dell latitude d630 vga these machines regardless of ownership, location or warranty status because it is likely all units will fail in time costing owners lots of money.

December 15, at 8: Hello, you can ddell the first solution its just a dell latitude d630 vga bucks but I prefer the second one, it’s more expensive but it will work fore sure, but du not expect great quality or high resolutions because your TV will not support those.


February 7, at 5: Jul 12, Dell latitude d630 vga Although your TV may work perfectly with DVI outputted from the laptop, there del, too many horror stories of dlel, underscan, etc. I read a bit of overview on it and not sure I understand the problem.

Enhancement for thermal control. February 12, at However, I can see my desktop just fine when I hook it up to an external monitor.

How to Replace a Graphics Card in a Dell Latitude D630

I was also wondering if the refurb meant they d6330 the MB and fixed it. I don’t seem to have any problems with mine.

I am looking at one on ebay. I still love my D and I will fix it but will keep a spare fan dell latitude d630 vga keep my eyes open for heating and performance issues.

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