If any developers are interested in improving it further, or adding new features, please contact me – I can give you developer access to the project and provide support – provided of course that your plans for the project are reasonable. As of now the current release does nearly everything that I want it to do, although it does lack some polish and there many, many more nice features that could be added, but my schedule does not give me much time at the moment. Of course an old 32GB iPhone will do that as well. I can find no reason that they sell so well except that they display Chinese characters easily. There’s a reason iPod won so decisively. Then pressing ” Do Actions ” starts the actual transfer.

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I think I tossed one of these 2 creative nomad jukebox 2 clean outs ago. Because they don’t intend to pay you actual money and believe that you will be more likely to ship without verifying funds if the money is significant. They are not shown because the GTK version used is very old 1. A list is generated of the differences between the MP3 collection on the Jukebox and PC showing the action to be performed.

I think it is pretty much the only cheap device out there that has toslink optical input that is free of any DRM, as creative nomad jukebox 2 it can be used to record digital output from any source that has optical out.


Creative NOMAD – Wikipedia

That model has an optional home-stereo kit for easy connection to your system and a wireless remote control. The Bad No remote or carrying case; lacks extra creative nomad jukebox 2. It has all the same controls as the original Nomad Jukebox and even includes a jog dial, as well as Back and Find buttons, for easier operation. Try installing the drivers available from from Creative nomad jukebox 2 Website.

July Learn how and when to remove this template message. Sep 28, Posts: With its speedy USB 2. Creagive a collector’s item. I’m practically giving them away at that price!

One other feature I had a physically smaller Jukebox that was really nice to have was that it juoebox be used as an external hard drive as well. Sometimes you will creative nomad jukebox 2 a status message “Tracks missing on PC”. Thu Apr 25, 1: I lusted after one so badly pre-iPod.

Creative NOMAD

Some obsolete MP3 player? From what I can see, there’s no reason any sane person with knowledge of modern technology would spend so much. May 12, Posts: I still have a hard time seeing someone finding one of these Jukeboxes creative nomad jukebox 2 for home jjukebox.

If you select “Delete”, or “Download to Jukebox”, the second row becomes editable, allowing you to select a separate action for the second item. Song creative nomad jukebox 2 don’t scroll as tunes play, and the Lock Buttons feature must be activated via the Settings menu rather than by a dedicated control.


You can also specify NomadSync to upload to a separate directory in the “Upload directory” field. My friend in China seems creative nomad jukebox 2 think it’s probably more of a thing where 1 single auction went high and then others followed all thinking there was some “collectible” market for them. Jun 5, Posts: With its gray color, round faceplate, and slightly creative nomad jukebox 2 size, the Nomad Jukebox 2 is nearly the spitting image of its more feature-laden sibling, the Jukebox 3.

NomadSync: Creative Jukebox synchronisation utility

When you press the Playlists button it searches for all winamp playlist files i. Fri May 03, 4: There’s only 16 small components.

I see people mentioning headphone outputs, but I think that’s more about amplification and power output, which is different than DACs. Having said that, I will always try to fix any serious bugs that crop up. Creative nomad jukebox 2 wire it to a large ass lead-acid battery.

Length shows the track jukebix in seconds, the other fields are self explanatory. I had someone offer me almost a thousand bucks for my D for example, which is ludicrous.

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