Ferrari – and before them Benetton, where he won his first two titles – exploited this to leave less-fortunate rivals looking flat-footed. At Monza in , he disputed the on-track lead throughout the race with the much faster Lotus 79 of world champion Mario Andretti. But it does Senna a disservice to honour only part of his legacy. Ayrton Senna joined Williams for and was expected to continue the team’s domination of F1, but the new FW16 was a handful, and Benetton had pulled out all the stops with the B But he resolved to carry on and returned to Europe the following year. Just as his daring and combative approach on the track lost him races as well as won them, his willingness to say what was on his mind attracted admiration and trouble in equal measure.

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Villeneuve called it his bbc 20 greatest f1, red Cadillac” and a less suitable car for the tight streets of Monaco is hard to imagine. Michael Schumacher says his toughest rival in his first career was Bbc 20 greatest f1 Hakkinen, which is quite a compliment from a man who greatst raced against Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost and lost his final world championship battle to Fernando Alonso Yet to this greahest Prost is to a degree undervalued, dismissed as a calculating figure who played the percentages and when it came to ultimate speed was a poor second best to Ayrton Senna.

Fangio was in his forties before he won his first world title in His first season at Maranello was one of his greatest. In the pouring rain, Senna climbed up from 13th on the grid to close rapidly bbc 20 greatest f1 leader Prost, only to be denied victory when the race was stopped at half-distance, with Senna on the Frenchman’s tail.

Formula 1’s greatest drivers. Number 4: Michael Schumacher

His combination of blistering pace, metronomic bbf and dubious morality was a potent mix indeed. Now greahest, and driving only as fast as he bbc 20 greatest f1 to, he still dominated the season, winning seven races and taking 13 pole positions.

Last Drivers  TEAC DV28EV DRIVER

Race day brought torrential rain. His motor racing career earned him another epithet – ‘Maestro’. He – and Alonso, for that matter – ended up missing out by a single point. Bbc 20 greatest f1 took seven wins; team-mate Niki Lauda five, four of which came after Prost suffered reliability problems while running ahead, the fifth after similar issues forced him to start from the pit lane.

Formula 1’s greatest drivers. Number 4: Michael Schumacher – BBC Sport

This bbc 20 greatest f1, number 9 – Niki Lauda. The irony in that stance will escape no-one, for nothing could have been more disruptive to the intra-team harmony at McLaren than the force of nature that was Senna.

That view is based on races such as the Dutch Grand Prix when, following a puncture, the diminutive Canadian wrestled a three-wheeled car back to the pits at an unimaginable speed, ending any hopes of rejoining a race he had been leading. Formula 1’s greatest drivers. Bbc 20 greatest f1 1’s greatest drivers. He thinks he can’t kill himself, because he believes in God, and Bbc 20 greatest f1 think that’s very dangerous. And it was all done with an apparent ease and economy of effort that made you think anyone could do it.

Formula 1’s greatest drivers. Number 5: Alain Prost

bbc With no drives available, he took a forced sabbatical inbut returned with Williams in Niki Lauda climbed out of his Ferrari and grimaced as he took off his helmet, bbc 20 greatest f1 a fireproof balaclava stained red with his blood.

Suddenly, the TV screens would light up with a succession of fastest laps by Prost. Formula 1 Read more on Formula 1.

But he resolved to carry on and returned to Europe the following year. Bbc 20 greatest f1 commentator Murray Walker provides his own reflections geratest a video of their career highlights and chief F1 writer Andrew Benson profiles the driver. He is also the only man to have won a title in a car bearing his own name Senna painted himself as the wronged man, but in seeking to justify the crash he dissembled. Teams Drivers Formula 1 Home.


In Bbc 20 greatest f1 case, his natural talent is so great that he can drive almost any car; perhaps this is partly behind what appears to be less of an aptitude for the bbc 20 greatest f1 side of his job than some of his team-mates have had. Gilles Villeneuve won only six grands prix in a career that spanned a little over four years, yet 30 years after his death his name still shines out like a beacon as a symbol of the heroic qualities that to many make up the very essence of a grand prix driver.

BBC Sport remembers F1’s greatest drivers of all time. c1

Formula 1’s greatest drivers. Number 1: Ayrton Senna – BBC Sport

It took all his genius to put it on pole for the opening race of the season in Brazil, but in the race he was helpless against the faster Benetton bbc 20 greatest f1 Michael Schumacher and Senna suffered the ignominy of spinning out as he tried to catch the German.

This week, number five – Alain Prost. What Hamilton bbc 20 greatest f1 in that debut year still beggars belief; he finished on the gfeatest for his first nine races, winning two of them, and led the championship for much of the season. At the time, his 27 career victories set a new record, surpassing by two the previous mark set by Clark. Attitudes to safety were very different in the s and early 70s, and Stewart was vilified for his stance.

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