Onboard audio or audio card. The button to open the CD drive is not opening it when the system is on. If I am wrong about that please tell me. Anyone have any thoughts? I am ordering it. As I said I am fairly certain that I did burn out the motherboard somehow with the new processor. I received the power supply from newegg but the new PSU has a standard atx motherboard power connector.

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The one thing I did not do before upgrading ptvv processor is to upgrade the bios first, maybe that has something to do with it?

Rear Speaker Out port black. He also says he wouldn’t risk transplanting the small connector from the old PSU to the new PSU because it could be risky and possibly blow the Ptgf if the wires hooked asus ptgv lm to the small connector cannot handle the current coming through the wires coming out of the new supply. My initial concern was asus ptgv lm the 2. Also check for burn marks.

I am thinking at this point the motherboard is fried, and with the age of the computer I may just take my awus losses and look into getting a cheap barebones kit to build. The CPU would not cause the Mobo to fail.


HP and Compaq Desktop PCs – Motherboard Specifications, PTGV-LM (Onyx) | HP® Customer Support

The better the brand the more reliable and longer lasting it will be. Clearing the Asus ptgv lm password. Motherboard layout and photos Figure: If password checking is enabled, and you need to disable it, use the following steps:. Copyright -Tech Support Forum. Posting your Asud specs will help us asus ptgv lm assist you quicker and effectively. Windows shuts down when asleep.

Mother Board Asus PTGV-LM / HP ONYX5 pn 5188-2756 sn C58S009-00039

This issue is most likely to either have been cause by the psu not being sufficient asus ptgv lm inadequate cooling.

According to a guy at a local computer shop there is no way to convert it. Would that have pgtv something to do with the power supply getting ready to go bad? Removing the jumper causes PC asus ptgv lm failure! I also immediately noticed a strong smell of burning electronics.

Upgraded CPU then smelled burning and computer is dead

This page requires Javascript. It looks like I may be stuck taking or cutting the wires along with the small connector off the old supply and connecting it to the wires of the asus ptgv lm supply.

Anyone else have any ideas? Pentium M Celeron M. Laptop won’t charge while playing I immediately turned the system off and replaced the new processor with the asus ptgv lm celeron M 1.


PTGV-LM Drivers

Asus ptgv lm other suggestions will be appreciated! In 4-channel, 6-channel, and 8-channel mode, the function of this port becomes Front Speaker Out. I hate to send this new PSU back since I paid for overnight shipping and all.

I turn it on and the blue light llm the front comes on, I hear the harddrive spinning up but nothing comes up on the screen asus ptgv lm also the cd-rom drive is still not opening ptggv pressing the button on the front, I have tried more than one drive Don’t go cutting wires just yet, what you might need is an adapter for the psu but let’s see what others suggest first. I am ordering asus ptgv lm. Vtech DS answering machine Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links.

Unless someone can point me in the direction of an adapter to go from large connector to small. Not upgrading the bios wouldn’t have made asus ptgv lm cpu burn out the motherboard.

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